About Us

Saman Pendar


Board of Directors

Gholamreza Shajari

Gholamreza Shajari

Member of board

27 years of experience in Accounting & Auditing, CPA, lecturer, CEO, Master of industrial management

Ahmad Zafar

Ahmad Zafar

Chairman of Board

42 years of experience in Accounting & Auditing, CPA, Chairman of Board, Master of Accounting

Mohamad Ali Jalali

Mohamad Ali Jalali

Chairman of Board

15 years of experience in Accounting & Auditing ,CPA ,Vice ,Master of Accounting

Our Partners

All of our partners have a valuable experience in accounting & auditing for more than 10 years. We have the capabilities and experience to move your business forward and our firm can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results

Ahmad Zafar | CPA

Mokhtar Mousavipour | CPA

Mohsen AlAgha | CPA

GholamReza Shajari | CPA

Naser Irannejhad | CPA

Mehdi MirHosseini | CPA

Morteza Adibi | CPA

Mohammad Zekizadeh | CPA

Hamid Hosseinian | CPA

Naser Irannejhad | CPA

Kamran Salimi | CPA

MohammadAli Jalali | CPA

Mehdi Ghanbari | CPA

Ali Heidari | CPA

Akbar VagharKashani | CPA

 Summary of Projects

We provided accounting and auditing services to more than 200 local companies. Here there are some major local and international instances:

  1. Resalat Bank
  2. Iran Mall international
  3. Bouali Sina Petrochemical Co.
  4. Gorgi Company
  5. Nokia Siemens Network
  6. Staedtler Iran Co.
  7. Pars Iratel Co.
  8. Khobregan Saham Co.
  9. Balast Company
  10. Tondgooyan Petrochemical Co.